Intelligent automotive software

We build intelligent software solutions for enhancing in-vehicle experience and preventing crashes.

We care about people’s lives

The number of cars worldwide is set to double over next two decades, while the recent statistics howls alarming numbers of 1.3M road traffic related deaths per year. A great majority of this accidents are a consequence of human mistakes.

We are set to change this using our proprietary products for detecting hazardous human behavior and improving alertness in the wild. Vehicles equipped with our software solutions can make intelligent decisions on their own.

How we are different

Our superior proprietary technology, along with an experienced and innovative team helps you to solve a great variety of critical use cases.

Applied Artificial

When you are tired, the machine will recognize it and take over driving.

Human - Machine

When you are upset, the machine will adapt the communication tone.


When you are installing new in-vehicle apps, it will work.