Empowering sensor-based solutions with AI capabilities

Make your critical infrastructure smarter. Enhance your sensor-based products and processes with real-time AI capabilities.

Bleenco is more than just a software, it's an AI studio

We are on a mission to enable large enterprises to automate analog processes and upgrade legacy products with the help of artificial intelligence.

Signals Analysis

Our algorithms and models are designed to process real-time sensor signals.

Sensor Fusion

Our software supports the automated synchronization and fusion of various sensors.

Offline Networks

We enable AI solutions built with Bleenco to operate in offline networks.

Achieve extraordinary returns with solutions that produce results

Begin working with Bleenco and explore the multitude of benefits that deliver tangible outcomes.

  • TRL9 Technology, Ready for Immediate Integration
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  • Custom built solutions using Bleenco Inside technology stack
  • Superb Team With Diverse Expertise in Stream Processing
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Find inspiration in real-world problem-solving case studies

Dive into our collection of real-world case studies. Whether you're in pursuit of product enhancement or striving for process efficiency, Bleenco's low-latency AI capabilities provide proven technology advantage to any organization.

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Future-proof your strategy for
digital transformation with AI

Discover valuable insights, expert tips, and exclusive content in our latest booklet. Dive into a world of artificial intelligence and practical examples.

  • Over 30 case studies from real-world projects in one booklet
  • Covering operations in industrial environments and quality control of products
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