Automotive solutions

The number of cars worldwide is set to double over next two decades, while the recent statistics howls alarming numbers of 1.3M road traffic related deaths per year. We are set to change this using our proprietary products to bring new solutions for preventing crashes and enriching people’s lives.

Autonomous Driving

In order to make rational autonomous decisions the vehicle has to understand the environment, plan ahead and mitigate in dangerous situations that arise from a dynamic surrounding.

Using Bleenco Pitts we detect cars, traffic flow, pedestrians and more from the video. We process and fuse sensor data, as i.e. noise from audio or beam of a LIDAR.

Use case: Detecting road conditions

When self driving vehicle understands road conditions it can maintain the safe following distance and adapt to the safe driving speed on its own.
Learn more about detecting road conditions in this article.

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Affective Sensing

At a first glance tracking drivers’ faces does sound a bit like exaggerating with the tech, but there are tons of strong use cases ranging from the second sleep detection to personalization of the cockpit.

We are capable of processing the audio of the speech, video of the face, physiological and car data in real time. Our technology is closing the gap in people-vehicle interaction.

Use case: Driver frustration detection

Detecting frustrated drivers can be useful in evaluating voice command systems, mapping frustrating roads and improving the machine communication tone with the driver.
Read this article about driver frustration detection to learn more.

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While most of in-vehicle systems improved significantly over time, infotainment experience and its development process still looks very much like three decades ago.

How about reinventing the way in-vehicle apps are being built, shipped and managed? CarJS brings the fresh breeze into this domain and enables new solutions that everyone was waiting for.

Use case: Updating your cockpit

Enable internet connection in your vehicle, download new cockpit design and update your apps in a minute – just as you do it on your smart device. Enrichment for user experience.

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